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Compensation for death in the Czech Republic

Did a family member of yours die in the Czech Republic? We will help you get the bereavement compensation you are eligible for.

In what kind of situations are you eligible for compensation?

Your family member or partner died in a car accident in the Czech Republic.

Your relative died on a trip organized by a travel agency in the Czech Republic.

You lost your spouse as a result of a train, ship or plane wreck in the Czech Republic.

What compensation are you eligible for?

Real-life example: Compensation paid out to a husband

The wife of a man from Slovakia died in a car accident in the Czech Republic.

The husband got compensation from the insurance company of the person at fault of CZK 700,000 (ca. € 27,000).

Real-life example: Compensation paid out to a family

The father of a Spanish family died in a train accident in the Czech Republic.

His wife and two underage children got compensation of CZK 2,000,000 (ca. € 77,000).

Real-life example: Compensation paid out to parents

A young man from Belgium died on a trip to the Czech Republic.

The parents of the deceased got compensation of CZK 1,000,000 (ca. € 38,500).

We can recover compensation all over the world

To ensure the highest quality service all over the world, we work with lawyers from the prestigious Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers of which we ourselves are members.

We also work with lawyers who are members of the Global Justice Network – a prestigious global network of lawyers specializing in recovering damage compensation. That enables us to represent you in almost any foreign country.

Payment for legal services

  • The assessment of your case and the first consultation are FREE.
  • We do not accept any advance payments while the case is open.
  • Our reward is calculated from the recovered compensation.

Compensation amount example

  • We recovered compensation of CZK 200,000 for a client.
  • We had agreed on a reward of 10%.
  • The client got CZK 180,000 and our reward was CZK 20,000.

NOTE: If we do not recover your compensation, YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING.

Professional and discreet conduct of lawyers

How we work

  • No unnecessary meetings:we can arrange almost anything by email or phone.
  • We will make time for you:several lawyers will work on your case.
  • We focus on discreet conduct with emphasis on fast out-of-court compensation.

Professional responsibility of the lawyer

Our lawyers are fully materially and disciplinarily responsible by law.

Our professional and ethical conduct will help us recover the compensation you are eligible for as quickly as possible.

What steps follow

1. First, please fill in and send us the inquiry form below.

2. You will be contacted by a lawyer who will ask you for all the necessary information and documents.

3. Case assessment and the first consultation are completely free.

4. With your authorization, we will take over representing you in the case.

5. We will do everything that is necessary to recover the compensation you are eligible for as soon as possible.

6. After the case is closed, you get financial compensation.

I want to get the highest possible compensation

Start right now: Fill in the form below and leave the rest to us.


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