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Compensation for car accident in the Czech Republic

Were you in a car accident in the Czech Republic and want help claiming appropriate compensation?

You can get compensation for instance in these situations

You were injured in a car accident caused by someone else in the Czech Republic.

You were injured in a public transport vehicle accident in the Czech Republic.

You suffered permanent health damage as a result of a car accident in the Czech Republic.

What compensation you are eligible for

You can claim compensation not only for permanent injuries, but also for a broken arm or any other injury.

Real-life example: Broken leg

A young Austrian man was in a car accident in the Czech Republic. He broke his leg, which lead to him not being able to work for six months.

The man got compensation for lost earnings of CZK 500,000 (ca. € 19,500) from an insurance company.

Real-life example: Hand injury

A French student injured her hand in a car accident while vacationing in the Czech Republic. Even after several surgeries, the mobility of the hand was limited.

The student got compensation of CZK 800,000 (ca. € 31,000) from the insurance company of the driver at fault.

Real-life example: Paralysis

An underage German boy was paralysed as a result of a car accident on a motorway in the Czech Republic.

The court awarded compensation for pain and suffering and permanent damage of CZK 8,000,000 (ca. € 307,500).

We have a network of international partners all over the world

We work with lawyers who are, like us, members of the prestigious Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers. Therefore, we can provide the highest quality legal help virtually all over the world. 

We also work with lawyers who are members of the Global Justice Network –  a global prestigious network of lawyers dealing with damage compensation claims. It does not matter what country you are claiming compensation from; we are here for you.

Price of our legal services

  • Assessment and your first consultation are FREE.
  • We do not require any advance payments.
  • Our reward is paid from the recovered compensation.

Real-life example of reward from recovered compensation

  • We recovered compensation of CZK 150,000 for a client.
  • We had agreed on a reward of 10%.
  • The client got CZK 135,000; our reward was CZK 15,000.

NOTE: If we do not recover your compensation, YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING.

How will a lawyer approach your case?

How it really goes

  • Several lawyers will work on your case.
  • We lay emphasis on fast out-of-court compensation.
  • How it really goes

Real responsibility of the lawyer

As lawyers, we are fully materially and disciplinarily responsible by law. Our goal is to recover the highest possible compensation for you as fast as possible with the lawyer keeping professional and ethical conduct.

What our process looks like

1. The first step is filling in and sending us the inquiry form.

2. A specialized lawyer gets back to you and asks you for the necessary information and documents.

3. We assess your case free of charge and consult you.

4. As soon as you give us permission, we become your representative in the case.

5. Using our know-how, we make sure you get the highest possible compensation as soon as possible.

6. You get your financial compensation

I want the highest possible compensation for a car accident in the Czech Republic

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